The karting excitement keeps rolling in!

This weekend promises more adrenaline-pumping action as drivers gear up for Round 3 of the WP Kart Championships at Killarney International Raceway. Friday kicks off with official practice sessions, setting the stage for what’s to come. Then, on Saturday, the intensity ramps up with qualifying followed by two crucial heat races starting at 10 am.

With cool conditions forecasted, and considering the thrilling showdowns we’ve witnessed in the first two rounds of the 2024 season, expect nothing short of fierce battles and heart-stopping moments on the track!


Get ready for some nail-biting action in the Bambino class as round 2 winner, Caleb Lingeveldt, braces himself for a fierce challenge from none other than last weekend’s RMC Zwartkops National winner, Radhi Harris. These two speed demons are firing on all cylinders and show no signs of letting up, setting the stage for a thrilling battle that’s sure to keep us on the edge of our seats all season long.

But the drama doesn’t end there. Ebrahim Khalpey is hot on their heels, making waves as he charges towards the front of the pack. With his determination and skill, expect him to shake things up in the results this weekend. And let’s not forget about the new kids on the block, Aleena Doutie and Ashlyn Beaumont, eager to make their mark in the Bambino ranks.

With so much talent and ambition on the grid, predicting the weekend’s victor is anyone’s guess. One thing’s for sure, though – it’s going to be one heck of a showdown!

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Get ready for another heart-stopping showdown in the Micro Max class, folks! Last race had us on the edge of our seats, and this weekend promises more of the same adrenaline-pumping action. The usual suspects – Liam Wharton, Jayden van der Merwe, Ruhan Victor, and Michael O’Mahoney – are gearing up for another epic battle for supremacy. But they won’t have it easy, not with the young gun Yaqeen Gamieldien joining the fray in only his second Micro Max regional race. After his impressive performance last time, it’s clear he’s got his sights set on the front of the pack.

And let’s not forget about Jake Steyn and Slater Smith, two seasoned drivers hungry for a taste of victory. They’ll be pushing hard to break into the front pack, alongside rising stars Mia Hermanus and Qaanit Doutie. With talent like this, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll be taking home the top honors this weekend. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be one heck of a race!

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With last round’s top dog Aaron Mason sitting this one out, the Mini Rok class is wide open for the taking. It’s anyone’s guess who’ll be leading the charge, but all eyes will be on Logan Roehrig and Aadiv Singh, two drivers known for their skill and determination. Keep an eye out for Jose Slamet and Zeph Hair too – they’ll be looking to rack up some solid points and make their mark on the standings.

But that’s not all – we’ve got some new faces joining the fray this weekend! Rayan Karriem is making a comeback, and we’re excited to see what he brings to the table. And let’s not forget about the Bambino boys, Radhi Harris and Ebrahim Khalpey, stepping up to the plate for their first taste of Mini Rok action. With fresh talent and seasoned veterans all vying for glory, this weekend’s race is shaping up to be one for the books!

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Mini Max is set to ignite the track once more, picking up right where they left off in Round 2. The question on everyone’s mind: Who will emerge victorious this time around? It’s still anyone’s game.

Max Boshoff is riding high on a wave of success and eager to maintain his winning streak. But he won’t have it easy – he’ll have to fend off challenges from the likes of Ruan Lewis and Zac Hindley, both rising stars in their own right. And let’s not forget about Zac Boshoff, poised to make his presence felt on the track.

Keep an eye out for Michael Danks too – despite a rocky start to the season, he’s a seasoned competitor with a taste for victory. With some better luck, he could be a force to be reckoned with. And then there’s Zach McAuley, Andrew Retter, Hugo Aggett, and Zion Hair, all hungry for a shot at glory this weekend. With talent like this, anything can happen on race day!

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Get ready for some fierce battles in the OKJ class this weekend, especially after the intensity of round 2. Matthew Chiwara might have a slight edge in momentum heading into race day, but he’ll have to keep a close eye on Reese Koorzen, who’s always a strong contender.

Adding to the mix are the Gauteng duo of Wian Boshoff, who’s riding high after a stellar international karting result, and Gianna Pascoal, both eager to make their mark on the Killarney track. Keep an eye on Manelisi Nkomo and Aleksandar Praizovic as well – they’ll be looking to shake up the podium standings, along with a strong showing expected from Onwabile Mcinga.

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Junior Max promises yet another thrilling showdown between the likes of Sebastiano Human, Keagan Beaumont, Nicholas Lennox, and Jordon Wadeley. The sheer talent of these young drivers is undeniable, and it’s shaping up to be a nail-biting battle this weekend.

Beaumont and Human have been on fire lately, but don’t count out Wadeley – he’s a resilient competitor and could stage a comeback drive when it matters most. The competition in this class is so fierce that we can’t overlook Anwill April, who’s primed for a strong showing. And keep an eye on Aiden Beaumont as well – making his full-size kart debut after stepping up from Mini Max, he’s ready to mix it up with the big boys and prove his worth on the track.

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Senior Max is set to deliver an intense showdown as some of the nation’s top drivers go head-to-head for victory this weekend. Charl Visser has been dominating the season so far, but he’ll face stiff competition from contenders like Luca Wehrli, Cole Hewetson, Jude Stuart, Ethan Deacon, and Storm Lanfear.

With the talent and skill these drivers possess, any one of them could clinch the win on their best day. So, anticipate seeing them battling it out at the front of the pack this weekend. Keep an eye on Gabriele Gazzilli and Zimvo Majova as well – they’re eager to elevate their performance and secure valuable championship points.

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Get ready for some intense Rotax DD2 action as the titans of the track gear up for another thrilling showdown. Joseph Oelz and Sebastian Boyd are set to resume their battle from round 2, but this time, they’ll be joined by the formidable Jason Coetzee, a national frontrunner who’s been dominating in Gauteng. Keep an eye on Coetzee – with Killarney as his backyard, he’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with this weekend.

Adding to the excitement are Matthew Wadeley and Ethan Stier, both in top form and hungry for victory. With these five drivers gunning for the top spot, expect a fierce shootout come Saturday.

In DD2 Masters, Jared Jordon returns to the fray after missing the last round due to the birth of his first child. He’ll be looking to pick up where he left off, but he’ll face stiff competition from Conor Hughes and Roy Gruer. Keep an eye on Johan Hamman and Eugene Clark as well – they’ll be eager to make their mark and secure a strong result.

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Get ready for some thrilling Clubmans action this weekend with a stacked entry list and drivers hungry for victory. Sean Le Riche has been showing top form lately and will undoubtedly aim to continue his winning streak come Saturday. However, he’ll face tough competition from the likes of PJ Garbutt, Christopher Flack, and Jade Smith, all regular contenders known for their speed and determination on the track.

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Round 3 of the WP Kart Championships is shaping up to be a thrilling affair. With a chilly day forecasted, what better way to stay warm than by immersing yourself in the scorching on-track karting action at the heart of Killarney International Raceway this Saturday?

Expect a day filled with good vibes, great food, and intense racing. Don’t miss out—see you there!


May 10, 2024

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