Kart racing organized under the WOMZA umbrella is divided into specific age, weight and speed categories to suit youngsters as they grow. This ensures a safe and exiting progression from 5 years onwards – Micro Max is the second step on the ladder.

Micro Max is a step up from the Bambino class or ideal to start karting for larger 7-year olds and can be competed in until the end of the year in which you turn 11.

Using a de-tuned ROTAX 125 Junior Max engine @ 8 bhp and fitted to a 95cm “mini chassis” – designed for 7 to 13-year-old kids – this provides an easy to drive, easy to run and low running cost formula. Various makes of chassis are available in SA.

The winner of the Micro Max class will be invited to compete at the ROTAX Max Challenge Grand Finals in 2022. The prize includes the use of brand-new kart and engine drawn by raffle this ensures the fairest racing in karting. All tyres dry and wet, fuel, oil, tools, trolley, etc. are covered by this prestigious invitation.

The Rotax karting formula provides for a very easy and low-cost upgrade from Micro Max to Mini Max class when your driver is either too old or too heavy to continue in Micro Max.

Micro Max has a minimum all up weight of 105kg and uses durable Mojo C2 tyres.

A new complete race-ready kart costs including VAT R 95 000 and used karts are available from R 35 000. (Beware of buying outdated equipment with a view to renovating it – rather spend more and buy race competitive stuff).

Club, Regional and National racing – part of the 2022 SARMC Karting National Championship Series. Winner invited to participate in the 2021 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals – the Olympics of karting.

Age: 7 – 11 years
Race class: club / regional / national
Tyres: Mojo C2
Minimum Weight (Kart + Driver) 105 kg
Maximum Performance: 7 kW / 9.5 hp at 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 10.8 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Weight: bare engine: 11.8 kg / 26.0 lbs with complete power pack: 21.5 kg / 47.5 lbs
Special features: junior cylinder without exhaust valve, inlet restrictor, restricted exhaust socket, radiator and exhaust that fit the 950 mm chassis
Power Pack: intake silencer, carburetor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay
Chassis compatibility: wheel base 950 mm
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