The KZ and KZ2 classes that are the CIK-FIA premier shifter classes and are recognised as the official World Championship classes by the CIK-FIA who we are associated with vs MSA as our official ASN.

The KZ class is the “Top and Premier” class, with leading Kart drivers with teams and factory backing, with items such as the Chassis’, Engines, Apparel and the likes . The KZ2 being for the up and coming “Younger” Kart in the year of their 15th Birthday worldwide.

In South Africa, the KZ2 is our Premier class as we have kept in-line with the CIK- FIA, as they are the future of Shifter racing and can compete in this class from the year of their 15th Birthday, whereas the KZ class in South Africa you can race from the year of your 26th Birthday with our KZ Masters class being from the year of your 38th Birthday.

The KZ2 class is recognised as a South African National championship class, with Regional Status in the NR, KZN and the Western Cape. The two KZ classes have Northern Regions Regional Championship status, with the KZ (Ex GP 125cc shifter) class being by far the longest serving class for “senior” competitors (21+) in South Africa.

Whilst the GP 125cc name was changed for the 2021 season to the “KZ” name in order to follow most of the Rules and Regulations of the CIK-FIA, allowing for the first time the official KZ engine manufacturers to participate across the KZ classes. Today the local KZ competitors have the choice to utilise the TM (KZ10, KZ10c and TM R1), Vortex (RSZ) engines with another engine manufacturer applying for the homologation of the IAME (Screamer) engine for all three KZ classes.


• Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine
• Displacement 125 cc
• Reed valve intake in the crankcase
• Liquid-cooled through external pump
• Front clutch six-speed gearbox syste

  •  Push-to-start system with decompression valve
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Cast iron made cylinder CNC worked
  • 5/3 transfer ducts intake
  • Oval exhaust and 2 boosters

• Radial bearing C4
• Bore and stroke 54×54,5 mm
• 14.000 Rpm Selettra analogic ignition
• Dell’Otro VHSH  Ø 30mm carburettor