A combination of wet and changeable conditions and a number of the senior players being absent, mostly to race in the Aldo Scribante main circuit Extreme Festival Nationals, resulted in some surprising results at Killarney’s Rotax Kart Championships on Saturday.

DD2 & DD2 Masters

Masters driver Andrew Thomas was delighted to take a two race to one DD2 victory over fellow madala Marco Viegas in DD2. Karting rookie, GTi Challenge regular Nathan Victor stole second for the day. Steve Beaumont was another driver to benefit from the combined advantages of a wet rack and a little heft to impress with fourth overall and third in Masters ahead of Conor Hughes, Jared and Michael Jordan and Gil Simoes.

DD2 Masters duel between Viegas and Beaumont. – Moment In Time Images

Senior + Junior Max

Ethan Stier and Matthew Wadeley were the Senior Max stars as Ethan defeated Matthew two wins to one to take the day with Jaden Jacobs, Martin Wild and Gio Hartman in pursuit. And Reese Koorzen left Ethan Deacon, Ashton Repsold and Reza Levy to fight over the high school Junior Max scraps with Oliver Roach and Jude Stuart doing the chasing.

Stier battling with Wadeley in Senior Max. – Moment In Time Images

Mini + Micro Max

It was business as usual in the primary school classes, but Keagan Beaumont had to fight for his under-13 Mini Max win over Jordon Wadeley and Sabelo Ntuli with Matthew Chiwara, Tyler Repsold and Liam Koekemoer next home. Kid brother Aiden Beaumont however strutted to a triple under-11 Micro Max win as he left Matthew Roach to fight Michael Danks off for second with Nicolas Lennox, Liam Wharton and Zach McAuley duking it out behind.

Sabelo Ntuli leading Mini Max. – Moment In Time Images


Zach McAuley, Michael O’Mahoney and Liam Wharton each won a heat in a brilliant day of baby Bambino racing, but it was the consistent Zac Boshoff who beat O’Mahoney and Wharton to second for the day, with Jayden Van Der Merwe and Carter Cedras fifth and sixth.

Wharton leads the Bambino’s into Turn 1. – Moment In Time Images

Up Next

Rotax Max regional moves to Gauteng for a Formula K pre-national coming Saturday 4 June before the real thing, the Formula K National on 25-26 June.

May 13, 2019

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