Ultra-modern karting from Rotax – 3D printed nicasil cylinder, electronic power valve, digital ignition and the patented direct drive coupled with four-disc braking system provides stunning lap times without breaking the bank. Electric start and auto clutch are standard for safe and easy starting or recovery from spinning out.

Targeting drivers from 15 years up and the minimum weight is 174kg as raced. These are the fastest short circuit karts on most circuits in South Africa.

New complete race-ready karts cost including VAT R 176 000 and used from R 70 000 (beware of buying outdated equipment with a view to renovating it – rather spend more and buy race competitive stuff).

These hi-tech water-cooled Rotax engines provides long life and parity of performance.

The top ROTAX DD2 driver will be invited to compete at the ROTAX Max Challenge Grand Finals. The prize includes the use of brand-new kart and engine drawn by raffle this ensures the fairest racing in karting. All tyres dry and wet, fuel, oil, tools, trolley, etc. are covered by this prestigious invitation.

It is highly recommended to take part in Senior Max for at least one season before moving in to the premier Rotax DD2 class.

Age: 15+ Years
Race class: club / regional / national
Tyres: Mojo D5
Minimum Weight (Kart + Driver) 175 kg
Maximum Performance: 25 kW / 34 hp at 12,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 22 Nm at 10,500 rpm
Weight: bare engine: 16.8 kg / 37.0 lbs with complete power pack: 28.8 kg / 63.5 lbs
Special features: chainless drive system, 2-speed gearbox, operated by shift paddle from the steering wheel, cylinder with electronically controlled exhaust valve
Power Pack: intake silencer, carburetor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay
Chassis compatibility: wheel base 1040 mm

Recommended Baseline